Ashlei Rolloff

Founder, CEO


Like you, marketing expert and design guru Ashlei Rolloff has seen the word leadership defined numerous ways. Is it establishing a clear goal for the company? Fearlessness or persistence? Being strategically focused? Or, is there a different story?

With over 10 years of marketing, design, and real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, her view is radically different. Rolloff views leadership as a moment-to-moment choice that offers an opportunity to share feedback and grow from one another.

Ashlei sometimes referred to as the “Marketing Mentor” for her coaching skills that play into building a diverse and strong internal team.

Working in highly competitive organizations throughout Minnesota and California has provided me with extensive knowledge of the inter-workings in this industry and allows me to create a strong marketing plan that will meet objectives. Able to work quickly and efficiently under pressure. Strong organizational, planning, and project management skills and enjoy taking initiative beyond stated requirements to maximize results, while maintaining high standards. Recognized as an organized leader and poised professional who establishes priorities and meets challenges head-on.

Marketing and Design is not just a career for Ashlei- it's a PASSION. She truly loves what she does and it is evident in her attitude and work ethic.

Key Skills

• Manage diverse cross-functional teams to accomplish strategic company goals
• Ability to be a mentor, lead and work with teams to play to their strengths
• Excellent follow-through and attention to detail with project management
• Front and back-end website development including SEO and keyword utilization
• Proficiency in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Publisher, and MS Suite Software
• Social media marketing and management, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google+
• Microsoft Suite and Mac OS highly proficient technical/PC skills
• Develop, create & distribute direct mail and digital promotional materials
• Create print and digital marketing materials including custom graphic design for campaigns on various online platforms
• Email marketing campaigns, video embedding, HTML code, and Mailchimp integration
• Event planning and coordinating for events 5-500+
• Develop brand image, logos, business cards, and brochures
• Business re-branding, website hosting, and domain name transfers

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