Caine Ruckstuhl
Caine Ruckstuhl

Caine Ruckstuhl is an award-winning marketer with 18+ years of progressive B2B-B2C experience. His experience spans over 12 years of global marketing in healthcare and HVAC manufacturing targeting OEM, distributors, architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers.

Ruckstuhl has worked for several major HVAC manufacturers and led a marketing agency as CEO. Furthermore, Caine owns and operates an international business marketing manufactured products, is an aspiring YouTuber and serves in a leadership role with Nerd Herd to further bring marketing the the HVAC industry.

In addition to being an accomplished marketer, Caine is an animal lover and loves to spend his time outdoors. You can find him scuba diving or riding his stand-up hyperscooter. 

Caine is an entrepreneur with a deep understanding of demand generation strategy, eCommerce, channel partners, digital marketing, social media, CRM, and marketing automation. The Nerd Herd team is excited to welcome him and looks forward bringing his expertise to others in the HVAC industry. 

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