An effective brand is two things; an emotional connection and creating a meaningful experience.

Your brand is your identity. The way the world perceives your business is determined first by the identity you create for your organization. Your brand tells a story of who you are and a strong brand identity sets you apart from your competition. The pros at Nerd Herd are experts at creating brands that resonate with customers. When executed perfectly, your brand will speak to your prospective clients even before you do. This is why it’s so important to fine tune your message and package it into an attractive set of branded content that your customers will love.

Graphic designer at work. Color swatch samples. NOTE TO INSPECTOR: All visible photos were produced for this particular shoot. I am the author of everything that you see in the image (interface program on the screen - property release added).
Step 1: Introductions

First, we will hop on an introduction call or meet for coffee so you can learn more about me and my team and I can get a better understanding of which services you are interested in. Once you learn more about us…we will want to know more about you!

Time invested: 30 minutes

Step 2: The project proposal

Once we have all this information, we will go back to the office and put together a project proposal which will detail everything you need to know. This includes how much the project will cost, what the timeline and deadlines are, what deliverables you can expect to receive, and what the terms of agreement are.

Time invested: 30-45 minutes

Step 3: Coffee/lunch date to discuss the logo design brief

Here is where I get to learn more about you and your business in-depth. We will sit down together and spend about an hour picking your brain on in-depth questions about your business, industry, audience, competition, and goals. This is best done in person so I can walk through the questionnaire with you and provide sufficient detail for our design nerds.

Time invested: 1-1.5 hours

Step 4: Proposal approval/deposit received

After you sign the proposal and agree to the terms, you will submit your down payment and we get to work on your project!

Time invested: 5 minutes

Step 5: Further research and look for inspiration

This is where we review your business and industry. We will research your company, the type of work you do, and what sets your business apart from your competitors. We will also take a look into your desired audience, mostly what type of demographics you are focused on. Additionally, we spend some time looking up your competitors to see what they’re doing in terms of visual identity.

This step gives our team information on what your target market cares about, and what might appeal to them. It also gives our team an understanding of your competitors, so we know how to best position you in the market.

Our designers will then look at logo look books and other areas for design inspiration to get the creative juices flowing!

Time invested: 2-3 hours

Step 6: Preliminary brainstorming

This is where the fun begins! Our designers will sketch out preliminary designs, write out word associations, draw mind maps, and create several logo concepts.

Time invested: 1-2 hours

Step 7: Computer renditions and refining concepts

Next, the designers turn a handful of sketches into vector art on the computer. This is the first step in seeing the hand-drawn art come to life on the screen! Our designers pick the strongest 3 concepts and present them to you for your first look. You will get to see a primary logo, icon, and typeface in this first round of proofs.

Time invested: 2-3 hours

Step 8: Client presentation- Proof #1

For the initial logo presentation, we prefer to meet in person or via video chat to walk you through the ideas and strategy behind each concept. Our team will listen to your feedback and take lots of notes for the second round of proofing.

Time invested: 1 hour

Step 9: Logo edits- Proof #2

At this stage, you will have selected a single concept direction to follow, and we will focus on developing it further to completion. The single concept direction will now turn into several possible designs with small variations. These edits will be emailed to you in the second round of proofing.

Time invested: 1 hour

Step 10: Typography & Color- Proof #3

At this stage, we will work on refining the font used in your logo and lock down the final logo concept. Now, it’s time to start working in color. The audience and industry your business is in will play a major role in this step as the design team reviews color schemes that are most appropriate. The designers will select strong color combos, apply them to the logo, and you will be presented with the final complete concept. Together we select the best solution for your business.

Time invested: 1 hour

Final presentation, payment, and files submitted

Congratulations! We are one step closer to your business goals and a polished brand for your company. If you are happy with everything, we hand over all the logo files in a logo package, which includes Illustrator files, jpg, pdf, png, files. We accept final payment and discuss any further creative needs to help your business continue its growth.

Time invested: 30 minutes


Total Time invested: 10- 20 hours

Turn Around Time: 7 business days

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