Our Partners- That's You!

Our ideal clients are discerning, forward-thinking B2B HVAC organizations, encompassing manufacturers, manufacturer sales reps, distributors and their customers. Typically mid-sized with annual revenues ranging from $100M to $300M, our clients operate on a regional or national scale and offer customized solutions that demand a consultative sales approach. Key decision-makers, including CEOs and Marketing Managers, seek us out for our expertise in navigating the technical nuances of their target audience, which includes Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Service Techs, and Building Owners.

Driven by an intrinsic love for continual learning and a commitment to transparency, our clients are strategic thinkers who value long-term growth strategies over creating quick tactical marketing deliverables. They recognize the value of aligning their marketing goals with their business goals to ensure business units are aligned and not siloed.

As advocates for concrete data, they are not deterred by the challenges of products with a steep learning curve. At Nerd Herd, we understand the importance of providing concise and informative marketing tailored to their discerning preferences. Our approach prioritizes strategic insights, fostering a trusted partnership that caters to their thirst for knowledge and contributes to strategic growth in the competitive HVAC market.

If you share these values and goals, Nerd Herd is ready to collaborate with you on a journey toward marketing success.

Let's Work Together